Shelby Ursu is a creative portrait and self portrait photographer based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Born in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Shelby grew up with a love for vintage fashion, old Hollywood films, anything and everything 60s and 70s, and editorial photography. Inspired by her love for the arts, she began her hobby of shooting self portraits and portraits of friends when she was around the age of 14 with a cheap point and shoot camera. 

As each year has passed since she first began taking photos, her craft has grown and has been finely tuned to a point where her work is instantly recognizable. Known for her bold use of color and for her nostalgia-inducing portraits, she has made a unique style all her own. 

Shelby's work transports her audiences to the days of decades past. Whether it's a portrait that reminds us of a Hollywood starlet in the 1950s or a portrait that feels like something out of Studio 54, her work is dreamy, groovy, and timeless. Shelby's work can be seen on Vogue Italia, Curated By Girls, Girl Disco, Grunge'n'Art, Estela Magazine, The Disco Mag and more. 

For bookings or inquiries email shelbyursu@gmail.com

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